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European standard terminal introduction

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The current rating of components in Europe is determined by monitoring the temperature of the metal conductor as the current increases. When the temperature of the metal pin is 45 ℃ higher than the ambient temperature, the tester uses the current at this time as the rated current (or maximum current value) of the device. Another IEC specification is the allowable current value, which is 80% of the maximum current. In contrast, the UL standard will make the metal conductor temperature is higher than the ambient temperature 30 ℃ when the current value of 90% of the current value of the device as a nominal.

Thus, the temperature of the metal conductor part is a very important factor in all applications. This is more important for industrial equipment. Because industrial equipment usually needs to work at temperatures up to 80 ° C. If the terminal block temperature 30 ℃ or 45 ℃ higher than this temperature, then the temperature of the terminal will exceed 100 ℃. Depending on the nominal type of insulation and the type of insulation used for the device selected, the product must be operated at less than rated current to ensure that they will operate reliably over the desired temperature range. Occasionally, materials suitable for use in compact packages may not adequately meet thermal requirements, so the current used in such terminal devices must be well below the rated value. So, reflects the importance of how to choose the terminal model.

As businesses become globalized and need to design systems that are globally available, system designers are using connector products made in other countries more and more often. Due to the use of nominal value measurement methods in Europe, it is common practice in Europe for the device to be below nominal in design. However, many American designers are not familiar with this concept, and without understanding the differences between standards, the design process will be difficult.