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Pressure wire cap details

Date:2017-05-05 【Return】 Reading:

Pressure cap detailed description:

Crimping cap: Consumables used to crimp the wire connection node in the circuit.

1. Material: made of UL approved nylon 66 material, fire rating 94V-2 and 94V-0.

2. Usage: peel off the wire tail and then inserted into the casing, with crimping clamp can be.

3. Features: The housing is made of nylon and has the features of an internal brass tube. This increases the range of wire crimping to make it easier to conduct electricity and to hold the wire even when strongly vibrated.

4. Properties:

① voltage (Voltage): 300V

② temperature: 105 degrees (translucent plastic shell) and 750 degrees glow wire test (milky white plastic shell) 105 ℃

③ Use tools: pneumatic tools MR-30A, AC-5ND, hand tools AK-25, AK-28 ,.

④ purposes: used in a variety of electrical products, lighting, home wiring and other wiring equipment