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In-depth economic development,we must more and more exports to international markets;accession to the GATT agreement has also ushered in the challenge of foreign products.Therefore,whether the export or domestic market,to competition,in order to survive,they must make their products and their components to international standards. KSB-pass the company's KT card terminal is the well-known brands for domestic electrical industry trusted by the vast number of vendors.And enterprises through ISO9001 international quality system certification and European CE certification,and meet European Union environmental standards. Products have been in the machine tools,textile machinery ,electrical machinery,railways,ships,electric control,instrumentation,computer and consumer electronics industry is widely adopted and praised for our country to meet international standards of electrical connection technology provides an important link.

Cold-side terminals also known as the head and joints,KT Cold terminal head and joints have the following characteristics:

1,end the head and joints made of high quality copper to ensure the electrical properties.

2,terminal connector head and the surface of tin,oxidation,corrosion-resistant.

3,terminal head and tail joints welded seams silver the hole system,a thread-line,in order to enhance the tensile strength.

4,insulation-side the head and joints of the insulation sleeve is rigid and has plasticity,forming beautiful,after crimping,and played the role of the fixed wires to overcome the use of small diameter bare-wire-line core-type terminations easily broken disadvantages.

5,insulation,and insulating sleeve end of the first sub-VINYL,PVC and nylon three kinds of materials,work limit temperatures were 75 and 105.

6,insulation-side the head and joints of the insulating sleeve in accordance with international common color code color distinction, to facilitate distinction between the scope of wire,so that wiring structured,neat appearance,and adapted to enter the international market and in line with our insulated terminal development.

7,insulation-side the head and joints of the insulating sleeve was funnel-shaped,so easier to insert the wire.

8,insulation kit attached to a double set of copper crimp end of the head and joints,so that in the severe vibration and harsh environments remain reliable performance.

9,in the same functional ends of the head and joints,there are varieties to enhance the reliability of connections,such as LSV series and FSV Series (for SV series is concerned); and increase the contact surface species,such as the DBV series,and LBV series (right PTV series of case) in order to meet the needs of different devices assembly.

10,some round,fork end of the first specification in the same piece with the electrical connection part is divided into different widths to accommodate different width of the electrical parts restrictions; all needle-shaped,tube-shaped,and sheet-shaped end of the first specification in the same connected with the electrical part is divided into pieces of different lengths to accommodate the electrical needs of pieces of different lengths.

11,there has been assembled with the public in the electrical parts on the connector plug of the female connector,the plug width of internationally accepted,such as 110,187,205,250,312,375 series. Its connection eliminates the cumbersome use of screws and washers to improve the speed of the assembly to meet the needs of large-scale production.

12,there is some connection wrapped in insulation kit,all full-insulated connectors to meet the needs of some of the installation location of insulation and electrical security needs. The use of KT terminals,electrical connections can improve the reliability safety and aesthetics,ensure that the equipment efficiency,eliminate potential accidents and enhance the competitiveness of products in the market.

I also supply and end use of the head and joints supporting crimping pliers,and wire strippers,shear-line tool and crimping dies and other electrical accessories.

At this point,to the user's trust and support to express my sincere thanks. (Please and passed a registered trademark of KT,Beware of imitations.)

We have demonstrated in practice and will continue to take concrete action:"Quality first,reputation first."


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